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A law degree can open a wide variety of career paths. Some of those paths are quite traditional, while others are more unusual. That variety means that graduating students need to take some time to consider their options to make sure they find their way into the right position.

Specialized Legal Practice

Many people who graduate from law school end up practicing law. While criminal law is the most popular option, there are plenty of other specialized disciplines. People who specialize in those areas can often take slightly unusual positions that appeal to their interests. For example, environmental law offers plenty of opportunities to work to preserve the environment. Those positions can be an excellent fit for people who want to work for a cause or have an interest in a specific, specialized industry.

Military Service

The military also has opportunities for legal professionals. The majority of military work is similar to that of other legal positions, but the unique environment introduces its own challenges. Law in the world of the military has nuances that are unknown in the civilian world. Military lawyers also need to function as part of the chain of command, maintain high levels of physical fitness, and excel under pressure. It may not be for everyone, but it is undoubtedly an option for people who want to serve their country.

Business Management

Many law school graduates find positions with private businesses. They may end up running their own law firms, but they can also find jobs in nearly any other industry. Some of those positions involve corporate law, but that is far from the only option. Management positions are also common. Most law school graduates are familiar with basic administrative techniques and are capable of handling paperwork. Their understanding of law means that they can understand the rules that govern their industries.

Marketing and Negotiation

Social skills are vital for all legal professionals. The average law school graduate has excellent communication skills and excels at negotiations. That makes them a natural fit for positions in sales, marketing, and even for raising funds. These positions are also great for graduates who prefer to work for non-profit groups, such as preservation groups and other social justice organizations.