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Recent sports news from the USA highlighted the challenges, opportunities, and concerns of black athletes. Issues relating to African sports officials were also among the topics in Black History Month, 2020.

The NBA proprietor, Mark Cuban, has earned a household name, thanks to his business ideas and straightforward opinions. He reached out to Cynt Marshall, inviting her to join the Dallas Mavericks Organization.

In an interview, Marshall stated that she never knew who Mark Cuban was when the offer emerged. She is a mother of four and has made significant career progress in the past. However, Cuban knew her well, even though she never had any connections in the NBA.

Having worked for over three decades at AT&T, Marshall had amassed much leadership experience. She earned respect by developing cultural practices at work and improving diversification. After retiring in 2017, she founded her consulting business, which she named Marshalling Resources.

Following a rise in sexual harassment and domestic violence cases in Mavericks institution, Cuban decided to bring Marshall on board to become the CEO. The billionaire believed that Marshall was the solution to such and other issues in his organization. She felt impressed by the offer, and she agreed to work with him.

Marshall admitted that Cuban was sincere about introducing cultural diversity in his organization. His primary objective was to improve the working environment for his employees. She did her investigation before joining the organization, where she has made diversity and equality a virtue.

Marshall was the first woman of color to become the CEO of an NBA organization, which she joined at 61. She changed the institution in several ways that saw it become a better place for the employees. She collected views from the workers to understand the appropriate approach. After Marshall implemented various policies, the organization picked up momentum, improving its standards and practices.

The NBA conducted external verification, as Marshall took care of the internal surveys, leading to several employee changes. Among the improvements, she designed a 100-day strategy with 200 initiatives. The innovations included creating a private hotline, recruiting compliance agents, and introducing the Women of Mavs Empowering Network (W.O.M.E.N.).

Today, Marshall’s strategies have played a fundamental role in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, and she has introduced policies to empower women in leadership positions. The Mavericks organization has embraced a culture of diversification, thanks to her efforts and support from Mark Cuban.