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Suzanne Grandt

Women’s Rights

About Suzanne

Passionate Litigator ·  Accomplished Activist 

Suzanne Grandt is an experienced litigator based in San Francisco, California. She graduated at the top of her class from Boston University and has emerged as a rising leader in the legal industry. Suzanne has experience in administrative and constitutional law, government ethics, contract law, proposed legislation and compliance analysis. Currently, Suzanne is the Assistant General Counsel for the State Bar of California.

After graduating from Boston University, Suzanne Grandt accepted a position as a Summer Associate with Trial Practice Associate in New York City. It wasn’t long until she transitioned to the role of Associate in their litigation group and assisted in pre-trial preparation and research.

In 2011, Suzanne Grandt became the Managing Associate of Litigation and Arbitration at Dentons US LLP where she handled all aspects of litigation. While Suzanne enjoyed the challenges of the role, she soon found herself ready for more responsibility and accepted the position of Assistant Attorney General in New York. In this capacity, she served as lead counsel in defense of NY state officials/agencies, and in class actions in federal and state court. She was responsible for the handling of document reviews, negotiating discovery and settlement, and conducting agreements in court.


Current Responsibilities 

In her current position, Suzanne Grandt works with the State Bar of California as Assistant General Counsel. She serves this role with great passion and provides in-house legal advice, representation, and services to the State Bar, its governing board, management, staff, and committees. Suzanne is continually searching for ways in which she can improve legal services for the people of California and beyond.

Suzanne’s responsibilities are far reaching at the State Bar and one of her most recent achievements centers on her specialization in compliance. After discovering a significant breach of compliance amongst state lawyers, Suzanne immediately sought to fix the problem. Suzanne’s tireless work to research and implement an achievable solution speaks to her passion and talents in the legal field.

Outside of work, Suzanne Grandt has a wide array of interests. She is an avid animal lover and enjoys reading and researching animal law. Additionally, Suzanne has completed several marathons across the country and has visited every major league baseball stadium in the US. She currently lives in the Bay Area with her partner.

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